It's About That Time (Dirt E. Dutch Addition)

by Quelle Chris

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Always been a fan of this man's work. I heard this track and words just started flowing so I recorded real quick just to join the convo.

(Dutch's verse)

The experiment social . Scientist's motive loco. Mad, why'd the guy die on the Go-Pro?
All he had was what you took. Was he bad? Was he really a crook, or was the badge a just a bully or shook?
Really take a look. Blame shifted. It's the same shit that happened last time just the name's different.
Unite and they divide and knock you off course. Show of force, by the boss on a pale horse.
Not beholden to the laws they enforce. Tax money, do we pay the cost just to take a loss?
That's funny. Looking at the calendar year, I gotta laugh just to hold a tear.
From here do where we go? Is there an old soul with a few new ideas that'll lead us down the narrow road?
Or will it be us? Love is the light that bonds and shines through, its about that time it finds you.

From Quelle Chris....


I'm going to start off by saying:
This is about creating dialogue on pressing matters through music, our universal language and as always, a form of expression, healing and discussion.
I wrote the song "It's About That Time" months ago and thought it would be fitting for the upcoming album but now realize there is no better time than the present.

I'm delivering this version to you in a different form.
I recorded the initial chorus + first verse, and ask for anyone that would like to to record their own second verse + rendition of the chorus to do so.
Please feel free and open to reflect upon your personal thoughts, feelings, emotions… whatever it is. Then share it with myself and ALL OF US, via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or whichever platforms you prefer.

I find music to not only be therapeutic in times of stress but also one of the most powerful ways to communicate when talking, sometimes ceases to be effective. I didn't feel I had the time or energy to mix and master the song, but I wanted to share it with everyone in the community so you can contribute to it regardless if you rap, sing, scat, play the fiddle… if you're black, white, small, tall, whatever.

As my fans know I'm not actively heavy on social networking and I speak more through my music.
So let's "talk" and share our conversation through music with everyone.
Thank you and peace.

Produced by Quelle Chris


released July 12, 2016


all rights reserved



Dirt E. Dutch Connecticut

Dirt E. Dutch is a hip hop creator and curator from Connecticut.

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